KODA Teddy Catahoulas
KODA Teddy Catahoulas

KODA - Red catahoula leopard dog for sale

male KODA
Age : 12 Weeks
Available : Yes
Vaccinated : Yes

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KODA Teddy Catahoulas

KODA - Red catahoula leopard dog for sale

About this dog

KODA is a very beautiful catahoula puppy. He is only 12 weeks old and is already showing his personality, he is attentive and very playful, he will always come to rub you when he is hungry or when he wants to go to the potty.

Like all other catahoula leopard puppies, he is potty trained and housebroken, he is also perfect if you often hunt.

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Shipping & Delivery

We can just convey your new puppy DIRECTLY into your arms!! We have a dependable Airline Nanny’s that will fly with your pup right to you. This is the most secure, generally dependable, and least distressing way for your new little dog to be conveyed to you. The aircraft accepts the pup with them and they can give them the consideration they need. We need the most ideal consideration for your little dog!

Due Diligence:

All young doggies are flown with ice water, bedding and food appended to their case if necessary. They are superb with creatures and have new planes with compartments made particularly for little cats, young doggies, birds, creepy crawlies, and so forth.

Health Certificate:

These are needed for all pets voyaging by means of air. This is to guarantee all pets are not sharing anything over a ride. All aircrafts require this testament. Indeed, it is compulsory.

Kindly be sitting tight for your little dog at home, normally, the pup is accessible 1-2 hours after the flight’s appearance time and a legitimate ID, for example, a driver’s permit is required. We truly like realizing that the doggy has shown up securely and at home with you, so please text or email us when you find the opportunity. Remember to take your pup to your veterinarian for the ordinary appearance wellbeing examination inside 72 hours of appearance.

Nanny shipping

We can also deliver your new puppy DIRECTLY in your arms !! We have reliable airline nannies who will fly directly to you with your puppy. This is the safest, most reliable, and least stressful way your new pup will be brought to you. A puppy nanny, bored, will take the puppy away and can give him the attention he needs. We want the best possible care for your puppy!

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About our dogs

All the puppies offered for sale on PREMIUM CATAHOULAS grow up with experienced breeders who practice their trade and passion based on 3 pillars: quality, health and love for their dogs.

We are a family breeding of Leopard Catahoula dogs. As a responsible breeder, we have signed the ethical charter of breeders in the United States. We put a point of honor on the health of our dogs and puppies by meeting specific criteria to ensure their well-being.

Each of our Catahoula dogs is purebred and is raised with love, hygiene and respect for the animal. The puppies that leave our kennel are dogs that are well in their head, correctly sociable and in good health. Do not hesitate to contact us.