Refund and Returns Policy


We are honored that The Best Catahoulas Land is your puppy supplier. We take great effort to make sure our puppies are healthy and happy.

1- Health Record and Certificate: At the time of sale, we promise to supply your puppy with a health record that contains all the information mandated by law. Furthermore, we guarantee to provide a clean health certificate from a registered veterinarian no later than 21 days before the sale date. In the event that we are unable to produce a health certificate for whatever reason, we will provide a seller-signed guarantee of good health instead.

2- Initial Veterinary Examination: Within 10 days of the purchase date, you must have your recently acquired puppy evaluated by a licensed veterinarian in order to preserve your rights under this guarantee. In the event that the examining veterinarian decides during this 10-day window that your puppy is either clinically sick or unfit for sale, you have the following choices:

*a. Return the puppy to receive a full reimbursement.
*b. Give the puppy back in exchange for a comparable substitute.
*c. Keep the puppy and get paid back for appropriate veterinary expenses, up to the full purchase price.

Please be aware that if the seller has previously given a veterinarian's health certificate and has declared in writing, at the time of sale, any health issues for which the buyer subsequently wishes to return the puppy, then these choices are not applicable.

3- Genetic Guarantee: The puppy's genetic guarantee is valid from the date of purchase until the puppy turns one (1) year old, or for the duration of the contract. It is applicable to congenital or inherited defects that result in the puppy's death, as well as any genetic or hereditary defect that negatively impacts the dog's quality of life. In breeds with brachycephalic faces, or flat faces, stenotic nares are normal and not covered by this warranty as a genetic fault. The seller could need a second evaluation from a comparable veterinarian in the customer's neighborhood if the dog has a flat face and has been diagnosed with ESP (elongated soft palate).

4- Notification Requirements: You must give the seller notice of the name, address, and phone number of the examining veterinarian within two (2) business days of the veterinarian's findings of disease, defect, or death. You will lose your rights under this guarantee if you don't notify the vendor within this time frame. A veterinarian's certificate will be needed to proceed with the refund or replacement alternatives after you have informed the vendor.


Please remember that the terms and restrictions outlined in our contract apply to this refund policy. We will make every effort to resolve any problems or concerns that may come up within the parameters of this policy since we are committed to making sure that you and your puppy have a happy and fulfilling experience.